Brass Quintet

Quintet for Brass (cover)

“Quintet for Brass” is an exciting 20th century composition which has only recently become available in print. It is a challenging piece consisting of 3 contrasting movements. The first movement explores a theme presented by the trumpet, which is then expanded upon using various compositional techniques. The second movement is performed with the feeling of no bar lines. This movement utilizes glissandi, tremolo effects, alternate fingerings, 1/4 tone vibrato and pitch altered notes. The movement closes with an “eerie” repeated statement which is built upon and passed along within the parts. The third movement presents a more playful setting in 6/8 time, ending with a flurry of notes in the trumpet parts and closing with a bold marcato statement. “Quintet for Brass” was premiered on April 28, 1997 by the Capitol Brass Quintet in Hartford, CT.


a look inside the score


Quintet for Brass (1979) (shipping added)

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  TERRAPIN FANFARE (brass quintet) – arr. J. Clark

Terrapin Fanfare is scored for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba. (With a wink and a nod to the tie dyed crowd.) An arrangement is also available for brass choir under the brass ensemble catalog.